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Hi! My name is Julia.

I’m an Italian-English girl who grew up in Switzerland and West Africa. Perhaps this is where my fascination with Yin and Yang starts. I moved many times and change was part of my life. Many deaths, births, and contrasts formed me into a curious human, trying to navigate this journey called Life. I’ve traveled far and wide looking for something, that I discovered is within myself. Many healing tools I’ve picked up along the way and today I want to share them with you.


My Journey

Like all journeys this is not a straight line. I got lost many times in between, making friends with my darkness and my shadows.

I studied Painting in London and then Art Therapy in Switzerland. This took 6 years and I really understood that deeper parts of myself could be accessed through art and meditation.

In 2013 I moved to Asia, took a Yoga teacher training course and became a nomad. Using my skills wherever they were asked for. Painting murals, facilitating art therapy in the most fascinating places: orphanages and refugee camps in Myanmar, ladyboys in Bangkok, children with autism. Teaching yoga along the way.

Yoga and meditation became important and India kept calling me back. Expansion was happening. Learning more healing modalities like sound healing, breathwork and tarot along the way.

I spent a lot of time alone, writing down what I wanted to attract into my life, meditating on it and preparing myself for the life of my dreams.


The Present

Keep writing down your dreams and careful what you wish for! It works!

Today I’m feeling blessed and happy, surrounded by people I love, living in the most beautiful places. My life feels easy and warm.

I am giving Healing retreats in the Eco-hotel my partner built. It is like a family run business, where I share the tools I have learned during my travels. Tools to help us feel centered, calm and healing.

Together we grow and learn, because of course this is a journey and it is never really over.

I’ve also produced some Eco Friendly Yoga wear with my artwork printed on it. Check it out.

See you soon!

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