3 short, easy and powerful self-healing practices that you can do on your own

In our fast paced world, feeling “taxed” by the demands of everyday life is pretty common. We are forever learning that to “keep up”, we actually need to slow down, center ourselves and make self-care a priority.

Maintaining high levels of energy, mental clarity and emotional balance requires dedication, yet it doesn’t need to be pricey, time consuming or “hard” to implement personal practices that help us navigate life with more ease. 

Here is a selection of short, easy and powerful self-healing practices that you can do on your own – and like most great things in life, they are free!

 Just take the first step, access the bliss and repeat.

Consistency will increase benefits:

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1/ Yoga Nidra:

Yoga Nidra is a deep relaxation technique also known as “the Yogic sleep.” It is simply a type of guided meditation that requires no physical effort. All you need is a quiet and comfortable place to lie down and be still. Just follow the voice to be guided. In a very short time, you will rest in a state between sleeping and waking, enjoying simultaneously deep relaxation and increased self-awareness.

By practicing the “full-body scan” meditation technique of Yoga Nidra, you will discover Meditation as a territory to explore and get access to a feeling of deep rest in just a few minutes.

Yoga Nidra Network offers a huge variety of downloads you can then put on your phone and do any time.

The Youtube channel “Tripura Mandala” has a great variety of Nidra practices to pick from.

Another one which is worth lying down for is to Experience Self Born Bliss, in 40 min:



And last but not least – the Bodhi Nidra 1 to 4 are longer practices that will get you recharged any day of the week:



Yoga Nidra is a powerful antidote to stress, insomnia and chronic pains. 

 Each session can either help you fall asleep or boost your energy during the day. Set your intention before the start of the practice.



 Affirmations are a great cure to negative self-talk. Practicing affirmations on a daily basis help us change our negative thinking patterns into bright and powerful new beliefs. Particularly recommended to heal all areas of your life, simply by choosing your own personal and positive mantras to practice throughout the day.

Louise Hay is the mother of affirmations and did a great job with sharing their pure healing power with the world.

Listen to her here, she delivers her good mind trick like a soothing fairy godmother. It will uplift your spirit way better than the morning radio:


She also guides a great 40-min everyday meditation to change your life:


I recommend her book You Can Heal Your Life to dive deeper into the power of affirmations and the deep connections between mental thought patterns and physical wellbeing.

 You’ll have handy a full list of symptoms related to negative beliefs and will  learn more about the specific affirmations that can help you heal your body… and your life:


(cheaper in audio book)

As, “what you think is what you get” – choosing your thoughts consciously can help a great deal with experiencing life in joy and make great positive changes.

 Write your own affirmations down and practice them, like mantras, in silence or out loud. Entertaining positive and constructive thoughts will become the new good habit of your mind.

Here are some affirmations I use in some of my classes.

“I am enough”

“Everything I need comes to me at the right time”

“My feelings are the language of my soul, I listen to them”

“I am strong, brave and courageous, I release my fears and trust my decisions”

“I love myself and other people exactly the way we are”

“I speak my truth and I live my truth”

“I see things clearly without the filter of my past, judgments and fears”

“I am connected to all other people, the earth and the whole universe”

“Everything I need is in me”


Write up your own and make this practice yours to see/feel/act with power and gentleness, healing yourself therefore healing the world.


3/The 3-step emotional clearing: Write, Burn and Watch.

I do this in my retreats!

This is a shortcut to resolve emotional upheavals and set you free from obsession, destructive internal dialogue, anger, sadness and other blocks stuck in your throat & belly.

Get it all out and watch it burn with this very simple technique.

Best time to do it : FULL MOON!!


1/ Write your guts out.

 For example, to the person(s) you need to forgive the most. Mum and/or Dad are usually a good start, yet it can be anyone you hold tension against.

Good news is you do not have to actually reach out to another person (and create more drama) to fully clear yourself from negative thoughts.

You can also just write everything that’s going on in your head to neutralize negative and repetitive self-dialogue.

Voice EVERYTHING on paper. Get wild, get it all out. You may go through a wide range of emotions at this stage, just keep writing, you are purging.


2/Burn the paper. There is no need to read it again, just burn the words and the emotional charges attached to them. You will feel a deep sense of relief. Fire has the power to turn your most intense dark thoughts and grudges into limpid smoke. Get light and clear instantly.


3/Watch it all burn. Let the weight fly away. It’s gone with the wind.

You’ve healed the huge part of yourself by letting go.

Rest in the peace.

You have the power to free yourself from lingering emotional stickiness and the right to express ALL of your feelings on paper. That’s how much you can help yourself.

Treat yourself anytime, anywhere with these solo self-healing techniques.  Meditators say: “if you don’t have time to sit for 20 min (a day), you should sit for an hour.” This applies to self-healing too… 20 min for yourself is just what it takes to shift into a more positive state of being.

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