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Daily Yoga

Le Bamboo Bali


Yoga schedule at
Le Bamboo Yoga Shala

Quiet space surrounded by nature fully equipped with good quality mats, straps, blocks and bolsters.

Most classes will include Meditation and Sound Healing. See details below for explanation of types of yoga offered.

Only 120k Indonesian Rupiah per person including a fresh Coconut at the end.

Private classes are 250k Indonesian Rupiah and 200k for each extra person.

Morning Flow

Start your day awesome!

Gentle morning practice adapted to the participant’s needs. Including a mix of meditation, breathwork, body movement and postures, sound healing and mantra singing. This practice will get you all stretched out, relaxed and clear headed to start your day.


Yin Yoga

Deep tissue massage and meditation.

Still the mind and stretch the body. Postures are held in stillness for several minutes, muscles are not engaged, the pull of gravity will help access deep connective tissue. Bringing the body and mind into stillness, inner observance and deep healing.


Sound Healing

Integrated in the sessions or can be booked separately.

Using Sound Vibration to bring the brainwaves to a meditative state, calm the nervous system, readjusts cell activity and deeply relax the mind. Enables a person to switch to the Parasympathetic nervous system and heal many layers. Chakra’s are activated and balanced.

Many different instruments are used, Tibetan bowls, chimes, Kochi and Gamelan.



Much of our behavior and habits are unconscious. Much of the mind’s activity is unconscious. Meditation is a practice to connect and access these deeper hidden parts of the Self, enabling the person to gain awareness and relief. Healing can occur spontaneously. There is active and passive meditation, some are guided by the teacher or silent in with different concentration techniques.


SOMA Breathwork

Powerful breathing and breath retention techniques used to access deeper parts of the self and heal. Some postures will be included in the session for warming up the body.


Get a really nice stretch by using hanging belts secured to the ceiling. Not all postures are hanging from the belt. Some are seated and standing, using the belt as support, and then some are hanging upside-down oooh yeah, get that spine really decompressed!!


Any questions or comments? Reach out to me.