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Time to reflect on your inner self and to learn techniques to assist you after the retreat. Highly recommended.
— Carole Coats, 2018
If only I could send all those I love on a retreat like this. What a gift. Thank you!
— Debbie Groby, 2018
Julia is a very dedicated and inspiring Yoga instructor. I truly recommend her and her retreats wherever they happen. Art therapy sessions proposed by her are also a sweet journey into our selves and our creativity.
— Ixtaly Nagual, 2018
Our last retreat in the French Jura mountains was the perfect balance between deep introspection, meeting new people and laughter. Many thanks!
— Afsaneh, 2017
I was cradled within a joyful protective relaxed bubble of fun and “like minded” people. I completely enjoyed all of the activities and the space that was both existing and created. I liked so many things so it is hard to say what I like the best. The kirtan, the painting exercises, the group movement and drama activities, the shaking and dance, yoga the chocolate and food, the company! The conversations and the space to create. The collaboration.
— Kathryn Meadow, 2016
An opportunity to express your inner child through creative activities and reconnect to your whole self with nourishing yoga and delicious food!
— Jojo, 2018

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